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Monday, October 5, 2015


I met someone today. I don't know his name. He came into the store, shoulders slumped. He needed his battery tested. While I was testing his battery he described some 'jerking' during driving his car was doing. He hoped that his battery (which had some problems starting) was also causing the car's other issues. I told him that was unlikely. He slumped a little more.

Then my computer came back 'replace battery'. I told him, and he said, so quietly it was almost a whisper: 'I have no money'.

I took him inside to price a battery. I was hoping as I walked in with him we had a cheap battery; I didn't want to give him any more bad news.

The least expensive battery I had in stock for that car was in the $120 range. As I talked to him, I saw his eyes filling up with tears. At first I thought I was imagining it, but by the time I had told him that sometimes batteries are discounted when bought online, tears had started to make their way down his cheeks. He left, and I don't know if I will ever see him again.

I saw a lady with a breathing tube in the car, and a baby in the back seat. I have no clue what that man is going through in life, but finding out he'd have to spend what I waste per paycheck on fast food and books was enough to break him in front of another grown man.

Pray for him. Please. And pray for a fat, lazy slob who forgets how good he has it-- who could have done something about the situation if he wasn't so self-centered.

Lord, save us.