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Friday, August 6, 2010

NRA getting left in the dust.

Check out this story from... ABC NEWS!?

Pro-Gun Grassroots Groups Taking the Lead in Gun Rights Fight

You'll note the statistics ABC throws up at the top of the article. Those are lowball estimates. And its good to see a turncoat sellout organization like the NRA getting their due.

Also, in the interest of highlighting greatness, from the comments:

If seeing someone openly carrying a gun makes you nervous there is a good chance it is because it forces you to realize that you have chosen to be helpless. What other magic do you believe in? A gun will magically transform a normal person into a raving maniac, a "Law" will magicallly make violence go away, the police will magically apppear when you need them. Childlike dependance on the actions of someone else for the safety of your self and your family is what the Brady's of the world are promoting, they hope to be the parents but are not up to the job. But they will dance in the blood of their victims to get a paycheck.
Ex-Nuke 11:22 AM

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