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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Atlas Shrugged trailer!

Looks good.


Admin said...

The story of Atlas Shrugged can definitely teach people about how economies function, but Ayn Rand's approach to life in general is anti-Christic. She ultimately doesn't recognize and uphold the concept of self-emptying love (the love of God). She looks down upon it, and favors selfishness.

GeekParallax said...

You are certainly right. I've always approached Ayn Rand with reservations; while I like the stories she tells (especially Anthem) and enjoy the archetypal characters she writes, she certainly is in the wrong for scorning mercy and love as she does.

Her philosophy is proven flawed by a look at her personal life. She eventually died as she had lived: bitter, alone, and unloved. Respected, sure. Admired intellectually? yes. But unloved. Long dissertations aren't needed to explain why Rand was off-target. Her life is lesson enough.