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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Trump Derangement Syndrome.

'Sarah Palin was too redneck to be liked in the beltway anyhow.'
So far this election, I've seen Donald Trump compared to:

Trump is apparently the personification of evil, both real and fictional.

Anti-Trumpers are unhinged. For all the invective about how Trump supporters are 'brainwashed zombies', I've seen far more knee-jerk stupidity coming from the 'Anyone But Trump' camp.

Trump is not a lifelong Democrat. He is not pro-abortion, pro-war, pro-Obamacare, he has not mocked disabled people, he's not racist, he's not anti-woman. These have been debunked repeatedly, over and over, but loons like Matt Walsh and Glenn Beck keep saying it, in the hopes that people will believe it. (Based on the primary victories, the Grassroots see straight through the bullshit.)

The reasons for not supporting Trump change daily, as National Review, The Blaze, RedState, etc.,  dig up ever more teapot tempests and outright fabrications to throw at him. And the so-called 'intellectuals' and 'principled conservatives' slurp down the Kool-Aid gleefully, not considering that perhaps their fellow conservatives aren't 'traitors', but people who see in this outsider Republican a chance to wrest control of the Party from the machine which has hijacked it.

The anti-Trumpers condemn anyone who supports Trump as a 'false conservative' or a sellout, as the list of staunch conservatives lining up behind him grows. Pat Buchanan. Sarah Palin. Jeff Sessions. Chris Christie. Jan Brewer. Duncan Hunter. Joe Arpaio. The Anti-Trump bots are immune to reason or persuasion- rather than wonder why these principled conservatives are endorsing Trump and taking a second look at The Don, they assume these people 'weren't real conservatives to begin with' or 'were bought out', with no evidence to that effect.

'Trump Derangement Syndrome' is real, folks.

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