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Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

It's fast approaching midnight, and a new year. I'm sitting at work listening to people going crazy in the hallways. Gonna have to ask them to keep it down.

Around Thanksgiving most people put together lists of what they're thankful for. I never did. It's not because I'm not thankful; its mostly because I'm lazy. So in addition to one of those "New Years' Resolutions" things, I'll also list what I'm thankful for.

I'm thankful for...

-Family. Sure, you get on my nerves sometimes. But God threw us together, and I'm really happy for that.

-Friends. Considering how much of an asshole I can be, I'm surprised I have as many friends as I do. Thanks guys. I know I can be hard to put up with.

-my fellow OPERATORS. Really, it's great to know people that are as crazy right-winger/survivalist/pro-gun as I am. It keeps me grounded.

-I'm thankful for having no debt-- as well as a ton of memories. I'm not sticking with the National Guard thing past my first enlistment, but I'm glad I signed on the dotted line-- and signed for Guard and not active-- all the same.

-For lost friends. If you're reading this, I miss you. Even though it ended the way it did, I'm glad you were an important part of my life. My door is always open.

-Liberty. I know I don't truly understand what that word means, and I'm am living in an age where we do not fully understand the true implications of that word... but I treasure the rights I have, and will fight so my children live freer than I did.

-My wife. I don't know who you are. If you're out there, I miss you. And if you're not, and never will be... I still miss you.

-A God that is willing to take me back again and again despite my excessive failures to follow him. You are the greatest of all Gods.

Now, for some resolutions. In 2011, I will...

-Try to get in better shape.
-Finish building my .308 battle rifle
-Learn to hit a dinner plate sized target from the prone at 600 yards with said .308 battle rifle. With iron sights.
-Get a much school done as I can.
-Learn more carpentry skills.
-Learn how to weld.
-Learn auto repair.
-Read "The Brothers Karamazov".
-Read the Narniad (lolMike), Lord of the Rings, and the Iliad again.
-Finish at least one comic book storyline.
-Set a prayer schedule.
-Perfect a diet that will avoid the intestinal problems I'm developing.
-Raise my GPA.
-Practice my Close Quarters Marksmanship, as well as my long-range marksmanship.
-Learn point shooting with my pistol.
-Start saving money.
-Stock up on food.
-Stock up on more ammo.
-Live a life worthy of my Master.

...and that's about it.

Happy New Years, all.

"It is the duty of every patriot to defend his country from his government." --Thomas Paine

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